Monday, July 27, 2009

ROMEingPANDA Debut Jewelry Showcase @ TOY TOKYO on 8th, Sep

ROMEingPANDA is an up-and-coming brand founded by two young creative Artist Jerome Solomon & Amanda Marcuson.

This event showcases their first collection, which incorporates life-like gummy bears made of Lucite into an array of jewelry pieces and other fun accessories.

They recently featured their signature multi-colored 3-finger rings, Chains, and Brooches in XXL, Lussw and NYLON magazines.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

OAK Pre-View Party for Fall Collection and OAK Black label

Photo By Tocci
We are always amazed by OAK's great eyes to see and find what is next.
Please visit OAK and feel what we feel.

fashionable People in nYc

JUN 24, 2009 Everything Is A. OK Party @ Down Hill's

TOCCI from THE4KIND with Alicia from OAK and Caroline

Everything is A.OK party took place @ Down Hill's.
Many OAK lovers celebrated the opening of A.OK, the new addition to OAK.
We had a wonderful night with wonderful people!

DJ Drama New Mix CD Party @ Goliath

On 19th, May. DJ Drama new CD release party took place in Goliath.
It has been almost 4 years since Goliath and TOCCI knew each other. TOCCI always told me " I alway feel like I come back to the my place. I love such a comfy and homey atmosphere surrounding there. "
People working there always have peaceful vibes and that make people smile and happier.
DJ Drama said " NYC has a bunch of events everyday. but only its downtown. We want to show that we, people based on uptown, can have a great event in here uptown."
We do want you to come to Goliath especially if you seeking kicks. They have thousands of great kicks collection. This shop is definitely one of trend setter in NYC

Aiming future by appreciating the present and respecting the past.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Exciting night with THE BEATARDS and NINJASONIK!
We had such a wonderful night with great artists and their lovers.


DEVO - Gates of Steel (1980) LIVE

R.I.P Michael Jackson

One of the greatest artist was gone yeaterday.
We happened to come to Apolo theater and met people who prayed and recalled him.
He was one of the most influential person who changed the world.
Please rest in peace Michael.

Passion Pit “ The Reeling “